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The company is one of the worldwide leaders in the design, manufacturing and installation of weather radar systems.METEOR is the company's Weather Radar family, designed to meet all the specific needs of the different users within the meteorological community.

METEOR 600S sets the benchmark in weather radar technology for meteorological services with special emphasis on long-range surveillance and extreme rain in tropical regions.

METEOR 1600C offers sophisticated weather detection and warning capabilities as required by aviation users while METEOR 1600S optimises long-range forecast of extreme precipitation and severe thunderstorms.

With its ultra compact design METEOR 50DX sets the benchmark in cost-efficient high-end weather radar technology in X-band.

RAINSCANNER is the company's weather radar dedicated to the precipitations measurement and classification.

The company's application software RAINBOW 5 is the most comprehensive state-of-the-art sensor management tool for multi radar network management, data analysis and presentation available on the market.

The Maintenance and Control Software RAVIS is the most advanced tool for weather radar supervision, the ideal tool set for field engineers and service personnel.
The meteo radar are manufactured by SELEX Systems Integration GbmH.